Ford Sterling 10.25 disc brake kit instructions

Below are the instructions included with the Sterling 10.25 disc brake kit. This is for the Ford Sterling 10.25 full float single rear wheel (SRW) rear axle. These axles are great axles used in all Ford 3/4 and 1 ton trucks from 1985-97. There are two variations of the full float SRW axles. The 1985-92 and the 1993-97. The main difference is the pinion length. The 93-97 is the stronger axle. These are great axles because they have more ground clearance than a 14 bolt and about the same strength and still has the standard 8×6.5 lug pattern. To view this kit on my site click this link  

Sterling 10.25 disc brake packing list, basic instructions, and replacement parts list.

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Below is a picture from a customer of the completed Ford Sterling 10.25 disc brake kit.


Packing list shipped in two boxes for Sterling 10.25 disc brake kit:

2 rotors, 1 bag of bolts, 2 calipers with pads, 2 flex hoses, and 2 brackets

(The brackets are hidden under calipers – remove cardboard at bottom to find them)


Disassembly: Jack up the vehicle and place the rear axle on jack stands in a level area. Remove the wheels and tires. Remove the brake drums. There is nothing holding the drums on but rust. Use of a large hammer and great force may be required if the rust is bad. Next, place an oil catch can under the end of the axle shaft. Remove the 8 bolts that hold the axle shaft in. Hit the end of the axle shaft as if you were trying to drive it in. It will pop out when the right amount of force is used.  Next you will need to remove the hub. You will need a special socket to remove the lock nut. The part number for this socket is W83008 and it can be found at most parts stores. On the socket I bought it would not fit inside the spindle. I had to remove the paint from the part of the socket that goes inside the spindle and even then it was very tight. On the driver’s side the threads for the locknut are backwards so turn it clockwise to loosen it. Once you have the locknut off the hub assembly will slide off. Disconnect the brake line and the emergency brake cable. Remove the backing place with the brake shoes. The only parts you will reuse are the hub, bearings, locknut, and axle shaft.


Assembly: Install the bracket on the back side of the flange with the new nuts and bolts. Most people put the bracket to the rear of the vehicle so the two threaded holes in the end of the bracket are somewhat vertical. Do not use the lock washers.  Put the bolts in from the bracket to the axle flange. Put the hub back on and tighten the lock nut to 55-65 lb-ft then backed off 5 clicks for new bearings or 8 teeth for used bearings. Slide the rotor on and put two lug nuts on to hold it in place. Measure the distance from the rotor to the bracket. The distance should be 3/4 to 7/8 inch. If the bracket is too close to the rotor install the lock washer as a spacer between the flange and the bracket. If the spacing is right, put the caliper on so the bleeder is up and install the axle shaft. Tighten the axle shaft retaining bolts to 60-80 lb-ft. Next install the brake hoses with the new stainless banjo bolts included in the bag of bolts. Put a copper washer on either side of the hose fitting on the banjo bolt. Cut the hard line on the axle and reflare it. Check to see if the fitting will thread into the hose first. If not you may need to get a new fitting. Your local parts store will have them. If they can’t find just the fitting buy the shortest 3/16 brake line and it will come with two fittings. When cutting the hard line allow enough length of the flex hose to take the caliper on and off to replace pads. Bleed the brakes and enjoy.


Calipers: Standard calipers are 1980-86 Chevy K20 front with JB6. Emergency brake calipers are 1976-78 Cadillac Eldorado rear.


Brake pads: For the standard calipers the part number for the brake pads should have D52 in it. For the emergency brake calipers it should have D122 in the part number. Do not use D52 pads on the emergency brake calipers.


Rotors:  The rotor is from a 1999 E350 rear or part number 54073.


Banjo bolts: The banjo bolt for most calipers are M10x1.5 and Dorman part 13937. The banjo bolt for emergency brake calipers are 7/16×20 and Dorman part 13938


Hoses:  The rubber hose fit 1980 Jeep CJ7 front.  The braided stainless hoses are custom made.


I operate an environmentally friendly company. We use solar energy for power and recycled packing materials. Even this paper is 100% post consumer recycled. The cardboard under the calipers is from incoming boxes. Packing paper is either old newspaper or reused packing paper from shipments we get. All peanuts are recycled also. Sometimes they look pretty rough, but every little bit helps to save the world for our kids.


Thanks for your purchase of Sterling 10.25 disc brake kit!

Why Should You Convert to Disc Brakes

The benefits of disc brakes over drum brakes may shock you. They’re easier to repair, provide greater stopping power, and last longer than drum brakes. Drum brakes are cheaper, which is why your car may have them from the manufacturer. If your vehicle has drum brakes, it’s time to consider converting to disc brakes. Here’s why:

You’ll Drive Better in Bad Weather

Rain, sleet or snow, you’ll be able to halt your vehicle with far more control if you have disc brakes. Based on their build, they prevent water from flooding the brakes, leaving them dry in inclement weather. That puts more control in your hands when you’re up against mother nature.

If you splash through a muddy puddle, your drum brakes will immediately clog-up. It doesn’t matter how new the hardware is or how well you’ve installed it, your drum brakes have a much higher potential to fail. They’re more susceptible to nature, which not only cost you repair expenses, but also affects your vehicle safety.

They’re Simpler to Repair and Replace

Certain parts of our vehicles are aggravating or difficult to repair, and though they may seem like less maintenance, drum brakes are no exception. There are no springs to break and no adjusters to rust. While disc brakes have more moving parts, they’re built in such a way that makes them more reliable. Drivers notice an immediate difference in how their brakes feel when they transfer from drum to disc.

Even if you replace your kit, drum brakes and the shoes don’t meet up properly. You have two components to worry about and how they work together. Disc brakes work differently: They don’t have the same issues that drum brakes do, making them more reliable and safer.

Converting Your Brakes Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

It can take some time and a conversion kit to transfer your braking system, however, the payoff is peace of mind and saving money over time. Your drum brakes are costing you money and causing you problems, don’t you think it’s time for a switch?

Check out disc brakes save yourself time and money




Advantages of Disc Brakes versus Drum Brakes

Eaton Disc Brake Conversion Kit

If there’s one important component to your vehicle that you need to be on top of, it’s your brakes. When it comes to selecting disc brakes or drum brakes, some of us are left scratching our heads. Here’s a breakdown of why disc brakes should be your go-to.

Avoiding Brake Fade

Brake fade occurs when friction eats away at your brakes, which is where the main difference between disc brakes and drum brakes comes into play. Disc brakes work better to slow down your vehicle without damaging your brakes. There’s a metal rotor spinning inside the wheel, as opposed to drum brakes, which create a higher heat when trying to slow your vehicle. The metal rotor works alongside your caliper as it’s applied to the brake, slowing your vehicle down effectively.

Greater Performance in Inclement Weather

When you can feel your brakes acting odd in rainy or snowy weather, it’s due to water seeping into the drum brake. Drum brakes apply themselves against the wheels, whereas disc brakes work within the wheel. This leaves less room for water to get trapped inside, keeping control where it should be: In your hands.

Stopping Power and Repair

Disc brakes offer greater stopping power due to their self-adjusting system. When it comes time to repair or replace your disc brakes, you can actually see your disc brake system just by taking a hard look at your wheels. With drum brakes, you have to physically remove your wheels, making the process more in-depth and egregious. Disc brakes are a simpler fix and offer greater safety for your entire family.

A Wider Selection of Brake Pads

It’s simple to purchase a disc brake conversion kit and get to work. Because more cars use disc brakes than they do drum brakes, you have a wider selection of brake pads to fit your vehicle’s needs, along with your wallet’s. Having disc brakes gives you more control over how you augment and repair your vehicle.

Disc Brakes Are a Wiser Choice

Safety, performance, and durability are all extremely important when choosing any working parts for your vehicle. Disc brakes are easier to convert to than drum brakes, and need to be replaced less often. If you currently have drum brakes, it’s time to reconsider your braking system.

Check out disc brakes save yourself time and money.

The best price, quality, fast shipping

The best price, quality, fast shipping


I have always heard you can have 2 of the three important things: best price, quality, fast shipping. Many times in the past when shopping for something I have also found this to be true. I have never understood why people are like that, but it seems if they do good work at a reasonable price then it takes too long. If I want it done quickly the price doubles. It’s almost like some people don’t want to hustle and get as much done as they can.

At Lugnut4x4 we do all three. Most orders ship same day or next day. Sometimes that is very inconvenient for me as I will be up late getting orders ready, or I have to pay extra shipping to get a product to me quickly so my inventory doesn’t get too low. To me it’s just part of running the business. It’s normal for me. We use priority mail so you get fast shipping. I am in Tennessee and can ship anywhere in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii in 2-3 days it doesn’t cost any more to ship to Alaska than it does 100 miles away.

We have the best price brake kits out there. Most are $315 including shipping. The competitors cost more and then they add shipping. They run sale prices and promo codes to get their prices lower, but when you add shipping to their price it goes way up. My price includes shipping anywhere in the USA. No gimmicks here. When I advertise $315 for a brake kit that includes shipping.

Above all we strive for quality. We use high quality pads like Wagner and PowerStop. We have 5 caliper options for most kits including powder coated calipers. We even have slotted rotors available for most kits. Our brackets are laser cut for the most precise fit possible. I am always looking for ways to improve our product and with your help and feedback we are growing and celebrating another year in business.

Good quality, quick service, cheap price

Never expect to something to be good quality, quick service, cheap price. I have always heard pick any two. To me when people say you can’t do something that is a challenge and I will do everything I can to prove them wrong. At Lugnut4x4 we do all three.

1. Quality

Of the three good quality, quick service, cheap price – good quality should always be first. Little details are important. I have my brackets laser cut. There are many options on cutting steel, but laser cut gives the most professional finish. I include new bolts with most of my brake kits. Really there is no reason why you can’t reuse the stock bolts on most applications, but I buy so many that I get them at a very low price. Why not include some new bolts in case the old ones are rusty? For most of my kits I include new seals. If you are going to take the hub off why not put a new seal in while you are there? Maybe it wasn’t leaking before, but if you take it apart and put it back together it might start leaking. I buy seals 100 at a time, so I get a great price on them too.

2. Quick

To many people when they decide to buy a brake kit it is because they need brakes. That’s a tough one to figure out isn’t it? Lol! Well I ship most brake kits the same day or next day and I ship priority mail so you get it quick. I have a warehouse that I use to keep 100’s of rotors and other parts in stock. I get parts from the warehouse as needed and ship from my home so I can get last minute orders out quickly. Then I ship my orders Priority mail so most people get them in 2-3 days. I had a guy in NC order a brake kit on Saturday and it was delivered on Monday. Now that’s quick!

3. Cheap

I try to be the cheapest seller out there. While there may be an occasion where a competitor may be cheaper on an item or two I will always try to be cheapest on most items. I do this by constantly seeking new suppliers and renegotiating with existing suppliers. One of the big factors is that most of my competitors are higher on the purchase price and then they charge shipping on top of that also. My price includes shipping which is often a savings of over $50.

Good quality, quick service, cheap price, and support are what we are about. Below is a picture of the seals we keep ready to ship. It doesn’t look like much, but there are several rows and we don’t have problems running out of seals.

Axle seals
Axle seals




14 bolt 6 lug disc brake conversion kit with slide on rotors

For many years I sold a 14 bolt 6 lug disc brake conversion kit. I stopped about a year ago because of some problems I had with them. This kit used a bolt on bracket that was developed by someone else. It had many problems with bracket and rotor fitment. The rotor was behind the axle so it required that you pull the axle every time you needed to replace the rotors. My first step to improve this was to redo the bracket in order to solve fitment problems. I did not have an axle to go by so I made a weld on bracket. Even then the quality was not where it should be and I had customer complaints about fitment.

I discontinued it last year until I could redo it. Lugnut4x4 is a small company and the quality of my product is very important to me. I will always be looking for ways to improve my product quality and when I get feedback about a problem I take steps to make sure others don’t have that same problem.

Building a new kit

To build a new 14 bolt 6 lug disc brake conversion kit I first needed to buy a 14 bolt 6 lug axle. They are not very common so it took me some time to find one. I got it in the spring, but just got started last month. The hardest part is finding a rotor for fit properly. I wanted this kit to be an easy conversion so I wanted a slide on rotor which I found last month. I am now in the process of creating a bracket. This bracket will not require the axle to be removed in order to install it. The customer will still have to deal with the original backing plate which can be cut off or removed by pulling the axle shaft. Making a new kit is a very slow process, but it will happen before the end of the year.


Update 4-18-18 This kit has been finished for about a year. I have sold many of them and they work very well.

14 bolt 6 lug disc brake conversion kit