Disc Brake Conversion Kits, Axles, & Accessories

We provide the best 8 lug disc brake conversion kits and parts at a great price and we ship fast!

All prices include priority mail shipping to anywhere in the USA

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Our history

About 2003 I started getting into 4-wheeling. I had a 78 Bronco I was building. I upgraded the axles to a Dana 70 rear and 8 lug Dana 44 front. I also did every other brake upgrade I could find on the internet including a different master cylinder and booster. I never was happy with the brakes. I could adjust the rear brakes and it would be OK for awhile, but not for long. I felt like I had to push the pedal through the floor to get it to stop when on the trails. Finally I ordered a disc brake kit for the rear and all my brake problems went away. I paid over $400 for that conversion. I thought that was way too high so I started putting together my own kits. Now I am selling a complete bolt on disc brake conversion kit for most axles for only $315 including shipping to anywhere in the USA!

Why Lugnut4x4?

  •   I try to have the best price. I don’t know of anyone cheaper. My basic kit is $315 shipped. Other companies are similar on price, but charge very high shipping.
  •   I try to provide the best quality. I use custom made stainless steel banjo bolts. Why? Because regular ones rust and they can be hard to paint. I use Wagner pads instead of cheap China pads. I include new wheel seals. If you are going to have it apart, why not put new seals in? I also provide all new grade 8 zinc coated hardware.
  •   I ship fast! I use priority mail so I can ship anywhere in the USA in 2-3 days. My competitors use ground service.
  •   Options! – I have three different calipers to choose from, clockable brackets, different pad options, and even slotted rotors for most kits.
  •   Nobody can beat my service. As a small business all questions are answered by me, the owner. I specialize in brake kits and have
    kits for axles that nobody else does. I have all Lugnut4x4 emails forwarded to my phone so I can reply within minutes most of the time. Every kit includes a business card with my person cell phone also.

Some Reviews from our Facebook page :

I bought and installed a kit about a year ago. Best thing I’ve done to my truck so far. I run 46″ XZL Michelin military tires. They weigh 250 pounds apiece. The Lugnut 4×4 kit help the breaking tremendously. I also used the Eldorado calipers and when I set the parking break they hold the truck with no problems. Customer service is top notch and shipping was very fast.

– Buddy Smith

I bought a brake kit for the my 79 F250 axles. Shawn @ Lugnut 4×4 is a Axle Wizard. He knew the answer to all my questions. And helped me with questions I didn’t know to ask. He is humble and his moral is top notch. Knowing I got my brake kit from means that my hardware came from a reputable source backed with character and good business. Lugnut 4×4 supplied every thing I needed in the kit, gave me a list of parts and part numbers for my technical journal, and is around anytime to answer my calls and help me with any question I have. Very helpful and top notch customer service! Oh did I mention his kits were the cheapest in the industry?! Lugnut 4×4 will take care of you.

– Nick Dresser

Shawn is amazing to work with. I blew the seal out of one of my parking brake calipers in Moab. Called him up and he warranted it out. Also used his kit on a FJ with one tons. Great company to work with. Will definitely use his products again and tell everyone how awesome he is. Thanks again Shawn.

– Jake Suazo