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The Best Disc Brake Conversion Kits At The Best Prices.
Free Priority Shipping On US Orders!

About Us is proud to offer complete bolt-on disc brake conversion kits for most 8 lug axles for only $315. That price includes Priority Mail Shipping anywhere in the United States.

Here’s A Little More About How We Do Business:

  • We’ve got kits that no one else has. In addition to the best 8 lug disc brake conversion kits, we sell parts and accessories.
  • Our kits are not one-size-fits-all. You select the calipers, brackets, pads, and most kits offer slotted rotors choices. We even include new wheel seals with most kits!
  • We provide the best quality parts. From Wagner brake pads to custom stainless-steel banjo bolts and grade 8 zinc-coated hardware, we’re focused on the details.
  • All prices include free shipping in United States and shipping is fast! Most US customers receive their parts within 2-3 days of placing an order.
  • Lugnut4x4’s service doesn’t end with the shipping. With your purchase, you’ll receive a business card with all of our contact information and a full parts list of all the parts needed for replacements in the future. If you have questions, just ask. We pride ourselves on great service.

A Letter From the Owner:

Off Roading With Ford DanaIn 2003, my passion for four-wheeling resulted in a new project: rebuilding a ’78 Ford Bronco. I upgraded the axles to an 8 lug Dana 44 front and a Dana 70 rear, The original master cylinder and booster was not big enough for these larger brakes, so I upgraded them. Still, the brakes performed poorly. I was constantly doing maintenance to the drum brakes and adjusting them. Despite numerous brake adjustments, the improvement never lasted long. Anytime I tried to stop, I had to push the pedal very hard and barely stopped.

Since these hard-press stops were unacceptable, I finally pieced together a disc brake kit for the rear. I ordered some rear disc brake brackets and then got all the other parts needed and installed the kit. The cost was about $400. Immediately I know that putting a kit together would be much cheaper than buying it one piece at a time. After the install, all my brake problems were gone. I realized I wasn’t the only one who needed this and knew buying in bulk would save money. After putting together and testing a few of my own kits, I started Lugnut4x4 to share these high quality products at a great price. I know without a doubt these disc brake conversion kits will improve your brake performance whether it be on or off road.

Shawn Miller
Founder and CEO, Lugnut4x4

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