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Free Priority Shipping On US Orders!


Some kits it matters and others it doesn’t. Please contact us if you have specific questions.
Easy! If there are 10 bolts on the differential cover, you have a Dana. If there are 14, it’s a 14 Bolt. If you have 12 bolts, you have a Sterling 10.25.
When looking at the axle from the fender area, there are lug nuts that hold the wheel on. On a full float axle, there’s an additional series of bolts in the middle of the wheel that hold the axle shaft in.
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The short answer is they don’t. The long answer? It’s actually against federal law to void a warranty for use of an aftermarket part. The Magnuson-Moss warranty act, enacted in 1975, makes it illegal for auto manufacturers to void a warranty simply because the owner of the vehicle adds an aftermarket product to a vehicle. The law states that unless the manufacturer can prove the problem was caused by an aftermarket part, they have to repair the vehicle.
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There are many reasons, but the biggest reason is better braking. The main reason you have better braking with disc brakes is because they don’t require maintenance like drum brakes do. There’s no springs to break and no adjusters to rust up. The main problems with drum brakes is that as the drum wears the shoes don’t fit as well. Even if you put new hardware and shoes in them, they still don’t work that great and the first time you get in the mud they can get clogged up. None of those problems exist with disc brakes. By eliminating all of these problems, the effect is much better and more reliable braking. I’ve had many people tell me the overall braking performance is greatly improved.
With my standard disc brake kit there is no parking brake. This kit was designed for off-road use. If you want a parking brake, I do offer special calipers for $200 more that includes all the hardware to connect your existing emergency brake cable to. It is from a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado and is the same caliper as the rest of my kits except it has a lever on the side that allows you to hook up an parking brake cable that manually moves the piston in to hold the vehicle in place. If your state requires an inspection with functional parking brake, you may want this.
No, my kit is balanced, meaning that it takes the same amount of fluid to actuate the caliper as it would the wheel cylinder in drum brakes. It works best if nothing else is changed.
I offer two choices for regular calipers: the JB6 (standard) and JB7 (heavy duty). The difference is the bore size and amount of fluid required to activate it. The JB6 is recommended for most people. The piston is 2 15/16″ diameter or 2.95″. The JB7 is 3 5/32″ or 3.16″. The bigger piston can clamp harder but also requires more fluid. My kit with the JB6 caliper is designed to work well with your factory master cylinder. If you use the JB7 caliper, it may require you to change to at least a 1″ bore master cylinder. Most 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks will not have a problem with this.
It works with most, depending on backspacing. It will work with all 15″ rims with 3″ or less backspacing. It works with most that have 3.5″ or less. It will not work with most that have 4″ or more. Steel wheels have more clearance than aluminum. I have seen people grind on the calipers for a little more clearance without a problem. All 16″ and bigger wheels will clear except dually wheels.
Yes, I can do custom kits. If you want a kit but already have some parts, we will just send what you need. Just choose the desired options on the product page.
If, for any reason, you’re unhappy with your purchase, return the unused, rust free, and unpainted kit to me for a refund minus a $30 charge for shipping and handling.
No, I don’t have detailed instructions. This is really simple to install if you’re familiar with brakes and how the brake system works. Only word of advice is that most of my kits require the rotor to be on the backside of the hub.
Converting to disc brakes does not change the width of the axle in any noticeable way. Most of the conversions will make zero change. A few of the kits will change the width by the thickness of drum, which is generally less than 1/4″.
No, there’s no need to change the wheel studs. Your drum is about 1/8″ thick and the rotor is about 1/4″ thick. The end result is your factory studs will be 1/8″ shorter, which shouldn’t be a problem. There is one exception, and I include new studs with that kit.