Why Should You Convert to Disc Brakes

The benefits of disc brakes over drum brakes may shock you. They’re easier to repair, provide greater stopping power, and last longer than drum brakes. Drum brakes are cheaper, which is why your car may have them from the manufacturer.

If your vehicle has drum brakes, it’s time to consider converting to disc brakes. Here’s why:

You’ll Drive Better in Bad Weather

Rain, sleet or snow, you’ll be able to halt your vehicle with far more control if you have disc brakes. Based on their build, they prevent water from flooding the brakes, leaving them dry in inclement weather. That puts more control in your hands when you’re up against mother nature.

If you splash through a muddy puddle, your drum brakes will immediately clog-up. It doesn’t matter how new the hardware is or how well you’ve installed it, your drum brakes have a much higher potential to fail. They’re more susceptible to nature, which not only cost you repair expenses, but also affects your vehicle safety.

They’re Simpler to Repair and Replace

Certain parts of our vehicles are aggravating or difficult to repair, and though they may seem like less maintenance, drum brakes are no exception. There are no springs to break and no adjusters to rust. While disc brakes have more moving parts, they’re built in such a way that makes them more reliable. Drivers notice an immediate difference in how their brakes feel when they transfer from drum to disc.

Even if you replace your kit, drum brakes and the shoes don’t meet up properly. You have two components to worry about and how they work together. Disc brakes work differently: They don’t have the same issues that drum brakes do, making them more reliable and safer.

Converting Your Brakes Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

It can take some time and a conversion kit to transfer your braking system, however, the payoff is peace of mind and saving money over time. Your drum brakes are costing you money and causing you problems, don’t you think it’s time for a switch?

Check out disc brakes save yourself time and money