Our New and Improved Kit For 6 Lug 14 Bolt Axles

When we first got started, we sold a 14 bolt 6 lug disc brake conversion kit that we didn’t love. The kit was designed in such a way that the rotor was mounted behind the axle flange. So, to replace the rotors, you had to pull the axle. While the kit worked just fine, we didn’t like that so much work was needed to replace the rotors.

We discontinued the kit until we could redesign it, which we did in the spring of 2017. Here’s some info about how our new, redesigned 14 bolt semi-float 6 bolt axle disc brake conversion kit.

Redesigning The 6 Lug Semi-Float 14-Bolt Disc Brake Kit

In order to redesign our kit, we needed to source a 14 bolt, 6 lug axle. As many half-ton GM truck owners know, this particular axle is not very common. It took us quite a while to locate one.

Once we found the axle, we looked for a rotor that would slide on, because this would make rotor replacement much easier. We tried a few different options before landing on the rotor you find in our updated kit.

Additionally, our updated kit also has a new caliper mounting bracket that can be installed without having to remove the axle shaft.*

*NOTE: The original backing plate still has to removed from the axle to install our kit. This plate can be cut off, or it can be removed by pulling the axle shaft.

Summing Up

Conversion kit

Disc brake conversion kit for 14 bolt semi-float axle with 6 lugs.

Our new kit offers two key improvements over the old one:

  • The rotors slide on over the lugs, which means rotors can be more easily replaced
  • The redesigned kit can be installed without removing the axle housing from the vehicle

NOTE: If you would like to purchase only our redesigned brackets for a 14 bolt semi-float 6-lug, you can do so here.