Replacement Brake Calipers


Get a like-new performance and brake feel with replacement calipers from Lugnut4x4. Choose from:

  • ALL calipers come with steel pistons installed, bleed screws, and guide pin seals
  • JB6 calipers  are perfect for everyday trips and can handle about anything you throw at them
  • Coated JB6 calipers with new steel pistons and a protective, corrosion-resistant coating
  • Heavy duty JB7 calipers ready for paint or a powder coat and recommended for towing loads of 15,000 lbs or more
  • Coated JB7 calipers built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty workloads and towing

Each set comes with 2 calipers, and you have the option of adding on semi-metallic or ceramic brake pads. Order yours today!

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Need replacement brake calipers? Order yours online today! We offer:

  • OEM grade JB6 calipers with steel pistons and a corrosion protection coating
  • Coated JB6 calipers will see a long life and will be resistant to rust thanks to the black corrosion-protective coating.
  • Each caliper comes with a single steel piston installed, bleed screws, and guide pin seals.
  • Heavy duty JB7 calipers with a 3 5/32″ diameter piston for extra stopping power. These calipers require more fluid than JB6 calipers and are ideal for heavy duty. The pistons are pre-installed, so your JB7 calipers are ready to mount and use out the box.
  • Coated JB7 calipers that come complete with a single steel piston, seals, bleed screws, and black corrosion-resistant coating. Our JB7 calipers are rated at 8,400lbs of stopping power so you can tow and haul with confidence!

All sets include two calipers – one for the passenger side, one for the driver side. You also have the option to add on semi-metallic or ceramic brake pads.

If you’re unsure which set is right for your vehicle, contact us and we’ll help you find the right parts.

Additional information

Choose Your Calipers

Standard JB6 Calipers ($100), Coated JB6 Calipers ($150), Uncoated JB7 Calipers ($120), Coated JB7 Calipers ($170)

Choose Your Brake Pads

No Brake Pads, Semi Metallic Brake Pads ($20), Ceramic Brake Pads ($30)