The best price, quality, fast shipping

The best price, quality, fast shipping


I have always heard you can have 2 of the three important things: best price, quality, fast shipping. Many times in the past when shopping for something I have also found this to be true. I have never understood why people are like that, but it seems if they do good work at a reasonable price then it takes too long. If I want it done quickly the price doubles. It’s almost like some people don’t want to hustle and get as much done as they can.

At Lugnut4x4 we do all three. Most orders ship same day or next day. Sometimes that is very inconvenient for me as I will be up late getting orders ready, or I have to pay extra shipping to get a product to me quickly so my inventory doesn’t get too low. To me it’s just part of running the business. It’s normal for me. We use priority mail so you get fast shipping. I am in Tennessee and can ship anywhere in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii in 2-3 days it doesn’t cost any more to ship to Alaska than it does 100 miles away.

We have the best price brake kits out there. Most are $315 including shipping. The competitors cost more and then they add shipping. They run sale prices and promo codes to get their prices lower, but when you add shipping to their price it goes way up. My price includes shipping anywhere in the USA. No gimmicks here. When I advertise $315 for a brake kit that includes shipping.

Above all we strive for quality. We use high quality pads like Wagner and PowerStop. We have 5 caliper options for most kits including powder coated calipers. We even have slotted rotors available for most kits. Our brackets are laser cut for the most precise fit possible. I am always looking for ways to improve our product and with your help and feedback we are growing and celebrating another year in business.

Good quality, quick service, cheap price

Never expect to something to be good quality, quick service, cheap price. I have always heard pick any two. To me when people say you can’t do something that is a challenge and I will do everything I can to prove them wrong. At Lugnut4x4 we do all three.

1. Quality

Of the three good quality, quick service, cheap price – good quality should always be first. Little details are important. I have my brackets laser cut. There are many options on cutting steel, but laser cut gives the most professional finish. I include new bolts with most of my brake kits. Really there is no reason why you can’t reuse the stock bolts on most applications, but I buy so many that I get them at a very low price. Why not include some new bolts in case the old ones are rusty? For most of my kits I include new seals. If you are going to take the hub off why not put a new seal in while you are there? Maybe it wasn’t leaking before, but if you take it apart and put it back together it might start leaking. I buy seals 100 at a time, so I get a great price on them too.

2. Quick

To many people when they decide to buy a brake kit it is because they need brakes. That’s a tough one to figure out isn’t it? Lol! Well I ship most brake kits the same day or next day and I ship priority mail so you get it quick. I have a warehouse that I use to keep 100’s of rotors and other parts in stock. I get parts from the warehouse as needed and ship from my home so I can get last minute orders out quickly. Then I ship my orders Priority mail so most people get them in 2-3 days. I had a guy in NC order a brake kit on Saturday and it was delivered on Monday. Now that’s quick!

3. Cheap

I try to be the cheapest seller out there. While there may be an occasion where a competitor may be cheaper on an item or two I will always try to be cheapest on most items. I do this by constantly seeking new suppliers and renegotiating with existing suppliers. One of the big factors is that most of my competitors are higher on the purchase price and then they charge shipping on top of that also. My price includes shipping which is often a savings of over $50.

Good quality, quick service, cheap price, and support are what we are about. Below is a picture of the seals we keep ready to ship. It doesn’t look like much, but there are several rows and we don’t have problems running out of seals.

Axle seals
Axle seals




14 bolt 6 lug disc brake conversion kit with slide on rotors

For many years I sold a 14 bolt 6 lug disc brake conversion kit. I stopped about a year ago because of some problems I had with them. This kit used a bolt on bracket that was developed by someone else. It had many problems with bracket and rotor fitment. The rotor was behind the axle so it required that you pull the axle every time you needed to replace the rotors. My first step to improve this was to redo the bracket in order to solve fitment problems. I did not have an axle to go by so I made a weld on bracket. Even then the quality was not where it should be and I had customer complaints about fitment.

I discontinued it last year until I could redo it. Lugnut4x4 is a small company and the quality of my product is very important to me. I will always be looking for ways to improve my product quality and when I get feedback about a problem I take steps to make sure others don’t have that same problem.

Building a new kit

To build a new 14 bolt 6 lug disc brake conversion kit I first needed to buy a 14 bolt 6 lug axle. They are not very common so it took me some time to find one. I got it in the spring, but just got started last month. The hardest part is finding a rotor for fit properly. I wanted this kit to be an easy conversion so I wanted a slide on rotor which I found last month. I am now in the process of creating a bracket. This bracket will not require the axle to be removed in order to install it. The customer will still have to deal with the original backing plate which can be cut off or removed by pulling the axle shaft. Making a new kit is a very slow process, but it will happen before the end of the year.

14 bolt 6 lug disc brake conversion kit