Ford Sterling 10.25 Disc Brake Conversion Kit – Single Rear Wheel

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Upgrade the rear drum brakes on your Ford Sterling 10.25 axle with our disc brake conversion kit!

  • Parts are original quality (or better)
  • Available add-ons include performance rotors and powder coated HD calipers
  • Everything you need to do both sides of the axle is included in every kit (except brake fluid)

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Converting the rear drum brakes on your Ford Sterling 10.25 over to disc brakes has a lot of benefits:

  • Improved braking performance
  • Increased resistance to brake fade
  • Reduced un-sprung weight on the rear axle for a better ride
  • More clearance for wheels
  • Improved brake pedal feel
  • Easier brake maintenance

Whether you’re upgrading the drum brakes in your old pickup to disc, or adding disc brakes to an axle that’s going in a custom buggy, we’ve got you covered.

Every Lugnut4x4 disc brake conversion kit includes all the parts you need to convert your drum brakes to disc – all you need are the appropriate tools, brake fluid, and a little elbow grease.

This drum brake conversion kit is for all Ford Sterling full float single rear wheel (SRW) axles with drum brakes from 1985 to 1997. Model years 1985 to 1992 requires the use of a washer as spacers for the bracket (included) whereas 1993-1997 does not. This kit will clear factory 16″ wheels.

The kit includes:

  • (2) new 1996 Ford E350 (1 ton van) rotors
  • (2) 3/8″ thick laser cut brackets
  • (2) GM standard duty JB6 3/4 ton truck brake calipers with steel pistons. Heavy-duty JB7 caliper upgrades are available.
  • (2) caliper pins
  • (1) set of four high quality semi-metallic brake pads. Ceramic brake pads are available as an upgrade.
  • (4) copper washers
  • (2) banjo bolts
  • Anti-rattle clips
  • (2) flexible brake hoses, which can optionally be upgraded to braided stainless steel
  • All bolts are Grade 8, much stronger than the standard Grade 5 you find in most kits

Please note that while mounting brackets are included in all our brake kits, our brackets are also sold individually here, and we can also provide longer braided stainless steel brake hoses here. To order this kit with the longer 24″ braided stainless, just order this kit with no hoses, and then add-on the 24″ hoses as a separate item.

Lift kits and hoses: Remember, the brake lines connect the caliper to the hard line on the axle. Since the hose does not go from the caliper to the frame, the amount of lift does not matter.

Kit includes instruction sheet and part number list, so that ordering replacement parts is easy. Anyone with a basic understanding of brake systems will find the installation simple. This kit features a slide on rotor that goes the same place as the drum. This makes it easy when you need to change the rotor in the future.

NOTE: Ford Sterling 10.25 disc brake conversion kit instructions can be viewed here.

4 reviews for Ford Sterling 10.25 Disc Brake Conversion Kit – Single Rear Wheel

  1. christianoffroad

    I have had these on my truck for over a year now. Installation was a breeze, anyone with mechanical knowledge should be able to do this in a couple hours. Only reason not 5 stars was after a cpl months, the backing on the pads came loose, slid down and rubbed on the rotor, making a serious noise. Should have popped for the upgraded pads! Otherwise, I couldn’t be happier! I will be changing out the pads for a higher grade set. On my application (1987 F350 4X4) I didn’t even have to use an adjustable prop valve or change anything! Brakes work fantastic! Thanks Lugnut 4X4!

  2. Seth O.

    This is an excellent kit. I installed this on my ’92 F-250 HD. I decided to go with parking brake calipers, braided stainless lines, and ceramic pads. I cleaned and painted all the bare steel parts before install with brake caliper paint. The brakes look good and perform very well. The parking brake has more than adequate holding force. (Way better than the drums that were on the truck.) I only had two minor issues with this kit: My suggestion would be to include a picture of the assembled caliper with the kit. I messed with the orientation of the parking brake bracketry for a while before I finally figured it out. I could see this being a stumbling block for a novice. My other issue is more of an opinion: I think the parking brake cable locks are a bit cheesy. Rgardless, I’d say this kit is definitely worthy of 5 stars. It exceeds the usefulness of the factory equipment in every aspect and is well worth the money.

  3. robert_l_scott

    I’m an ASE Master certified mechanic and have been doing this for 60 years, so you can probably believe my opinion.
    This conversion kit is absolutely excellent. Everything you need is there and if you’ve ever replaced the pads in a disc brake caliper, this will be easy for you. No special tools are needed, just a few hours of your time. I’m very impressed with the overall quality and certainly the value.

  4. jag.17 (verified owner)

    Truck stops nice once again

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