Dana 60 Front Axle Disc Brake Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade the OE disc brakes on your Dodge, Chevy, or Ford Dana 60 front axle with our disc brake upgrade kit!

  • Parts are original quality (or better)
  • Available add-ons include performance rotors and powder coated HD calipers
  • Everything you need to do both sides of the axle is included in every kit (except brake fluid)
  • Specifically designed for 8-lug axles

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Upgrading the disc brakes on your Dodge, Chevy, or Ford Dana 60 front axle with a kit from Lugnut4x4 has a lot of benefits:

  • 40lb weight savings
  • Newer style brake calipers
  • More clearance for wheels
    • While some exceptions apply, this kit clears most 15″ steel wheels with 3″ or less backspacing. Please note: 3.25″ requires light grinding on the calipers; 3.5″ requires heavy grinding on the calipers; 4″ requires 1″ wheel spacers
  • No problems with calipers falling out

If you’re looking for a way to make your old truck stop better and faster – and more reliably – you’ve found it.

Everything You Need

Every Lugnut4x4 brake kit includes all the parts you need to upgrade your old brake system – all you need are the appropriate tools, brake fluid, and a little elbow grease. A new and improved design, our kit now works with all known aftermarket knuckles including Crane Knuckles. This kit even works on a Ford ball joint axle up to 1997!

This kit fits:

    • 1975 to 1989 Dodge trucks (8-lug axles only)
    • 1990 to 1993 Dodge trucks with kingpin axles and internal lockouts (8-lug axles only). Internal lockouts are the same as you see on most Ford and Chevy axles. Also, this kit’s bracket mounts outside the spindle like the original factory design.
    • 1977 to 1991 Chevy trucks (8-lug axles). This kit will not work with OEM Dana 60 rotors. Also, the bracket mounts outside the spindle, just like the original factory design.
    • 1976 to 1997 Ford trucks (8-lug axles only). This kit does not work with OEM Ford rotors. It also uses a 1/8″ spacer bracket (included) that goes between the bracket and the knuckle.

The kit includes:

  • (2) Standard 3/4 ton truck rotors
  • (2) 3/8″ thick laser-cut brackets
  • (2) GM standard duty JB6 3/4 ton truck brake calipers with steel pistons. Heavy-duty JB7 caliper upgrades are available.
  • (2) caliper pins
  • (1) set of four high-quality semi-metallic brake pads. Ceramic brake pads are available as an upgrade.
  • (4) copper washers
  • (2) banjo bolts
  • (2) new inner hub/wheel seals
  • Anti-rattle clips
  • All bolts are Grade 8, much stronger than the standard Grade 5 you find in most kits

Please note that while mounting brackets are included in all our brake kits, our brackets are also sold individually here.

This kit includes an instruction sheet and part number list so that ordering replacement parts is easy. Anyone with a basic understanding of brake systems will find the installation simple.


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