Dana 44/10 Bolt Front Disc Brake Replacement Kit – 1971-1986 Chevy

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Replace the OE disc brakes on your 1971 to 1986 Chevy Dana 44 or 10 Bolt axle with our disc brake kit!

  • Parts are original quality (or better)
  • Available add-ons include performance rotors and powder coated HD calipers
  • Everything you need to do both sides of the axle is included in every kit (except brake fluid)
  • Please understand this does not convert from drum to disc. It only renews your existing disc brakes

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Replacing the disc brakes on your Dana 44 or 10 Bolt 1971-1986 Chevy front axle with a kit from Lugnut4x4 is a smart idea. If you’re looking for a way to make your old truck stop better and faster – and more reliably – you’ve found it.

Everything You Need

Every Lugnut4x4 brake kit includes all the parts you need to replace your brake system – all you need are the appropriate tools, brake fluid, and a little elbow grease.

This Dana 44/10 Bolt axle brake kit is for 1971 to 1986 3/4 ton Chevy trucks only.

The kit includes:

  • (2) 12.5″ standard 3/4 ton truck rotors
  • (2) Standard duty JB6 3/4 ton truck brake calipers with steel pistons. Heavy-duty JB7 caliper upgrades are available.
  • (2) Caliper pins
  • (1) Set of four high quality semi-metallic brake pads. Ceramic brake pads are available as an upgrade.
  • (4) Copper washers
  • (2) banjo bolts
  • Anti-rattle clips
  • All bolts are Grade 8, much stronger than the standard Grade 5 you find in most kits

Kit includes instruction sheet and part number list, so that ordering replacement parts is easy. Anyone with a basic understanding of brake systems will find the installation simple.


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