14 Bolt 6 Lug Semi Float Disc Brake Conversion Kit


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One kit does both sides of the axle.

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Brake Pads *


I am selling a complete 14 bolt 6 lug semi float disc brake conversion kit with wheel studs for $350 including shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states! Yep I really mean complete – here’s what you get:

3/8″ thick laser cut brackets
grade 8 bolts
new GM rotors
rebuilt GM calipers with steel pistons
high quality semi metallic brake pads
new inner hub seals
new caliper pins
rubber flex hoses
banjo bolts with copper washers
anti-rattle clips

I have kits for these axles:

Other axles? Generally I have found that these same rotors will work on most other axles, but you will need to use weld on brackets. Just tell me the diameter of the tube near the end of the axle and I will send you weld on brackets.

Instructions? No I don’t have detailed instructions. This is simple to install for anyone who has a basic understanding about how brakes work. Only word of advise is that the rotor goes on the backside of the hub.

Emergency brakes? Yes, I have eldarodo calipers for $100 more. This gives a manual e-brake that hooks up to your cables.

I accept paypal or postal money orders. Orders will ship from TN. I just do this as a side job, so I ship in the evenings.

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Weight20 lbs

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