14-Bolt 1973-2000 Chevy and GMC Truck Disc Brake Kits: Design Your Own Kit

This custom disc brake conversion kit lets you configure your own kit for all 1973-2000 14-bolt axles. This kit lets you choose from a few more options than our preconfigured GM 14 bolt rear end disc brake conversion kits.

You need to know if your 14-bolt axle is a full-float or semi-float design. If it’s full-float, there are two styles of brake drum attachment. The “older” style has the drum held on by the studs, while the newer style has a slide-on drum. You need to know which type you have to order the right kit.

Finally, if you don’t know which 14-bolt axle you have, no problem! Read our 14 bolt axle identification guide.

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  • 14-bolt Premium full float disc brake conversion kit with drums behind hubs

    14-Bolt Disc Brake Conversion Kit, Single Rear Wheel For All Axles, Build Your Own

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