Universal Weld On Disc Brake Conversion Kit – Rear Axle

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Need a disc brake conversion kit for a rear axle with drum brakes, but can’t find it anywhere? This universal disc brake conversion kit might be just what you’re looking for.

  • Select your axle tube diameter
  • We’ll send a set of brackets that you can weld on, designed to accommodate our standard brake kit
  • Kit includes 2 rotors, 2 calipers, and all the hardware you need for both sides of the axle.

NOTE: This is a weld-on kit for 8-lug axles. The 8 lug bolt pattern is 8×6.5″ (8x165mm), which is standard on GM products and also found on many other types of vehicles.

Free priority shipping in the US. Select your axle tube diameter below to configure your kit!

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If you have an unusual/uncommon rear axle with drum brakes and 8 lugs, our universal disc brake conversion kit might be just what you need. Just select the correct axle tube diameter, and we’ll send you a complete brake conversion kit that includes:

  • 3/8″ thick laser cut steel brackets
  • Brand new GM rotors
  • Rebuilt GM calipers with steel pistons
  • Semi-metallic brake pads
  • Caliper pins
  • Rubber brake hoses
  • Banjo bolts with copper washers
  • Anti-rattle clips

NOTE: This kit is for axles with an” bolt pattern, which is common on GM vehicles with 8 lugs. It’s also found on many other brands of vehicle, as it is a fairly universal 8 lug bolt pattern.


Because this is a universal kit, we can not provide any specific instructions. However, we can give you some notes about installing this kit:

  1. This kit requires the rotor to be mounted on the backside of the hub.
  2. When fitting the kit, start by bolting everything together first, then tack weld the bracket in place.
  3. Remove the rotor, caliper, and axle shaft, and then complete welding the brackets on both sides.

If you’re familiar with brake systems, the kit should go on easy enough.


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