Heavy-Duty Emergency Brake Kit


Add a parking brake to your rear disc brakes with our Emergency Brake Kit:

  • Add a heavy-duty JB7-style emergency brake to one of our disc brake conversion kits
  • Brand new calipers feature a cleverly integrated parking brake with a large 80mm piston for superior stopping power.
  • Kit meets all known inspection requirements for a parking brake

Includes JB7-Style calipers, brake pads, and all necessary hardware.

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For many of the people who convert from drum brakes to disc brakes, a parking brake is not needed. However, if you do a conversion with one of our kits and then decide later to add an emergency brake, this kit is what you need.

The kit features:

  • Heavy-Duty brake calipers with a clever cable-operated mechanism to actuate the brakes. The calipers should work just fine with your OEM parking brake cable.
  • Extra heavy-duty emergency brakes are engineered based on the JB7 brake calipers with a larger 80mm piston for more stopping power.
  • The mounting dimensions of these calipers are exactly the same as the JB6/JB7 standard brake calipers used in almost all of our kits — these calipers will mount on any brackets that accommodate the standard JB6/JB7 caliper
  • You can add or substitute these calipers into most of our disc brake conversion kits, or order them separately here.

Whether you need a parking brake for inspection or for peace of mind, this kit works great.

This kit includes:

  • Two (2) brand new JB7 style heavy-duty brake calipers with parking brake mechanism
  • Semi-metallic or Ceramic brake pads (Fees apply for upgrade to ceramic)
  • Levers, springs, and hardware (the springs go between the levers)
  • Banjo bolts and copper washers

This kit does not include:

  • The parking brake cables that run from the brake to the pedal or hand lever
  • Brake fluid

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Brake Pads Options

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads, Ceramic Brake Pads (+15.00)