Heavy Duty Brake Rotors


Whether you need to replace a set of rotors you’ve purchased from us before, or you’re looking for a good set of heavy-duty 12.5″ rotors that won’t break the bank, we have what you need.

Choose from our standard 12.5″ heavy duty rotors or upgrade to our 12.5″ slotted brake rotors if you’re towing or hauling.

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These 12.5″ rotors from Lugnut4x4 are designed for use on heavy-duty trucks and are a good option for most vehicles. If you’ve purchased a brake kit from Lugnut4x4, these are the same rotor options we offer in our kits.

If you’ll be towing or hauling with your rig, it’s best to upgrade to the 12.5″ heavy-duty slotted brake rotors. Heavy-duty slotted rotors are the best option to ensure your brakes provide maximum stopping power when you need it.

Heavy-duty slotted brake rotors help to:

  • Reduce brake fade
  • Remove brake dust
  • Remove gas buildup
  • Reduce heat

Slotted rotors also work great in lighter duty applications.

NOTE: These do not fit dually trucks, Sterling 10.25, 6 lug axles, or 14 bolt with slide on rotors.

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Standard HD Rotors ($100), Slotted HD Rotors ($250)