Heavy Duty Brake Rotors


Whether you need to replace a set of rotors you’ve purchased from us before, or you’re looking for a good pair of heavy-duty 12.5″ rotors that won’t break the bank, we have what you need.

Choose from our standard 12.5″ heavy-duty rotors or upgrade to our 12.5″ slotted brake rotors if you’re towing or hauling.

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These 12.5″ rotors from Lugnut4x4 are designed for use on heavy-duty trucks and are a good option for most vehicles. If you’ve purchased a brake kit from Lugnut4x4, these are the same rotor options we offer in our kits. One order is for a pair of rotors.

If you’ll be towing or hauling with your rig, it’s best to upgrade to the 12.5″ heavy-duty slotted brake rotors. Heavy-duty slotted rotors are the best option to ensure your brakes provide maximum stopping power when you need it.

Heavy-duty slotted brake rotors help to:

  • Reduce brake fade
  • Remove brake dust
  • Remove gas buildup
  • Reduce heat

HD Rotor Specs:

  • Bolt Circle Diameter (IN) 6.500
  • Bolt Circle Diameter (MM) 165.100
  • Disc Mounting Behind the Hub
  • Discard Thickness (IN) 1.215
  • Discard Thickness (MM) 30.860
  • Misc Holes 0
  • Mounting Bolt Hole Quantity 8
  • Nominal Thickness (IN) 1.285
  • Nominal Thickness (MM) 32.640
  • Outside Diameter (IN) 12.488
  • Outside Diameter (MM) 317.200
  • Overall Height (IN) 2.795
  • Overall Height (MM) 71.000
  • Solid Or Vented Type Rotor Vented
  • Surface Type Smooth
  • Vane Style Straight

Slotted rotors are also dipped in paint and the friction surface cleaned off so they won’t rust like normal rotors.

NOTE: These do not fit dually trucks, Sterling 10.25, 6 lug axles, or 14 bolt with slide on rotors.

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Standard HD Rotors, Slotted HD Rotors ($250), Standard Dually Rotors ($200), Slotted Dually Rotors ($450), Slotted Sterling 10.25 Rotors ($350)