Bolt-On Brake Hose Mounts


Disc brakes won’t stop your truck if your brake lines get snagged or cut. Secure your lines with our bolt-on style brake hose mounts with clamps.

Lugnut4x4’s brake hose mounts are designed for an easy install and will be ready to use in minutes.


Bolt-on style brake hose mounts with clamps are an integral part of any disc brake conversion. Disc brakes won’t stop your truck if the brake fluid is leaking out of your brake lines. (And that one of the reasons why it’s really important to secure your lines so they’re not dangling and getting snagged.)

With brake hose mounts from Lugnut4x4:

  • Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes.
  • Mounts are designed to bolt onto your axle and are guaranteed to fit.
  • Mounts won’t rattle or shake, so you can be sure you’ll have a quiet ride.
  • Mounts are adjustable and can be moved to suit your rig’s needs.

If you’d rather get weld on mounts, we have those too.

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