#2 Chevy Dana 60 front kingpin SRW axle 4.56 $1100

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This is a 77-91 Chevy Dana 60 front kingpin SRW axle. It is partially disassembled and has 4.56 gears. Like all Chevy 60 fronts it is low pinion and passenger side pumpkin. I have the missing parts and a replacement spindle to make it complete. This is an axle from a CUCV.

Both kingpin caps are loose and one is damaged. It looks like a previous owner loosened the nuts and had a problem with one nut so torched it.

Click on each picture to get the full image.

I try to inspect my axles for any major damage and list any problems I find, but all axles are sold as-is.

I am in northeast TN and will gladly ship. 1-3 states cost about $100 to ship. 3-5 states is about $200 and west coast is about $250. To get an exact shipping price or to place an order please use the form below. You can also call or text me at 423-737-0265. Text any time, but please no calls after 9:00 PM eastern time.

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