14 Bolt Studs


  • 14 bolt wheel studs
  • Set of 16 original length or set of 16 that are 1/2″ longer than OEM or set of 16 that are 1″ longer than OEM
  • 9/16 or M14 thread
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If your 14 bolt studs are compromised due to rust, worn down splines, damaged threads, or stretched threads, don’t delay replacement. Here’s why:

  • Bad bolt studs are a safety issue
  • Easy install and they don’t cost much to replace
  • Options include 16 original length studs, set of 16 that are 1/2″ longer than OEM studs, or set of 16 M14 studs that are 1/2″ longer than OEM studs

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You want to choose OEM length studs for single wheel disc brake conversions and the longer version for aftermarket cast alloy wheels or dually disc brake conversions. Before you get too far into the installation process, take a look at this blog post from Lugnut4x4.

If you have questions or would like to know more about these bolt studs before you buy, contact us directly.

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3" OEM Studs (9/16"), 3.5" Studs (9/16"), 3.5" Studs (M14), 4" Studs (9/16")