1.5″ Wheel Spacers for Dana 70 w/DRW (Dual Rear Wheel)


Add 1.5″ Spacers: With the dually kit it may require grinding on the hub or the center hole of the rotor without 1.5″ spacers.

Most 17″ wheels will clear, and anything 18″ and above don’t require spacers. The spacer is installed between the hub and the rotor on the back side of the hub. It does not space the wheel out. It spaces the rotor in closer to the leaf spring. Use the original studs to bolt the spacer to the hub. Use the studs that come with the spacer to bolt on the rotor.

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The Dana 70 with dual rear wheels (DRW) requires a 1.5-inch wheel spacer for clearance.

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No Wheel Spacers, 1.5 Inch Wheel Spacers ($100.00)