14-Bolt 84-2000 8 Lug Semi-Float Disc Brake Kits

Brake Kits for 1984-2000 8-lug Semi-Float 14-bolt Axles, for 3/4 Ton and 1 Ton Trucks

These are preconfigured disc brake conversion kits for 8-lug semi-float 1984-2000 14-bolt axles. These axles don’t have the hub sticking out of your brake drum or your wheel and came with a 9.5-inch ring gear. If you have a different style 14-bolt axle or you have a full-float axle, please look at our custom conversion kits, where you can design your own configuration.

If you’re not sure which 14-bolt axle you have, no problem! Read our 14-bolt axle identification guide and you’ll know what you have.

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