Dana 70 Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Universal Weld On


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One kit does both sides of the axle.

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Universal 8 lug rear disc kit

  • Complete kit
  • Shipping included

Been working on this one for a few years. I can not find the correct info to make bolt on kits, so I am selling a weld on kit. And I really mean complete – here is what you get:

  • 3/8″ thick laser cut brackets
  • new GM rotors
  • rebuilt GM callipers with steel pistons
  • semi metallic brake pads
  • calliper pins
  • rubber flex hoses
  • banjo bolts with copper washers
  • anti-rattle clips

No I do not have detailed instructions. This is really simple to install for anyone who has a clue about how brakes work. Only word of advise is this kits requires the rotor on the backside of the hub and bolt everything together before you weld the bracket. Tack it in place and take it all off and weld it good on both sides.

PRICE: $ 300.00

Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Additional Options

Standard JB6 Calipers / Semi-Metallic Pads, Standard JB6 Calipers / Ceramic Pads (+$20), Heavy Duty JB7 Calipers / Semi-Metallic Pads (may require larger master cylinder), Heavy Duty JB7 Calipers / Ceramic Pads (may require larger master cylinder) (+$20), Emergency Brake Calipers +$200, No Calipers or Pads (-$60)


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