Dually Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Dual Rear Wheel Kit


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One kit does both sides of the axle.

Standard Rotors *
Hoses *
Hose Mounts *
Calipers *
Brake Pads *
Brake Pads *


With 16.5″ or smaller dually wheels, you will need to run a 1″ spacer or grind the caliper on for clearance.

** On Ford Sterling axles requires about 1/4″ lip to be removed from the back side of the hub for the rotor to fit.**

Dually rear disc brake conversion

This is a WELD ON kit!

Price: $390


Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Stainless Steel Hoses +$20


Additional Options

Standard JB6 Calipers / Semi-Metallic Pads, Standard JB6 Calipers / Ceramic Pads (+$20), Heavy Duty JB7 Calipers / Semi-Metallic Pads (may require larger master cylinder), Heavy Duty JB7 Calipers / Ceramic Pads (may require larger master cylinder) (+$20), Emergency Brake Calipers +$200, No Calipers or Pads (-$60)


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