Ford 8 Lug Dana 44 Disc Brake Kit

Front 76-79 Ford 8 lug Dana 44 disc brake kit


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One kit does both sides of the axle.

*** Will not work with OEM Ford rotors***

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 Why should you convert your front axle to 3/4 ton disc brakes?
1. Better clearance for wheels
2. lighter weight – about 41lbs
3. firmer feel of brake pedal
4. still can stop 44″ tires
5. clears most 15″ steel wheels with 3.5″ or less backspacing
I offer these kits for Ford, Chevy, and 1990-93 Dodge kingpin axles with external lockouts. It even works on a Ford balljoint axle up to 1997. New and improved design now works with all known aftermarket knuckles including Crane Knuckles. I don’t think the will work on older drum brake front axles.

This is a complete kit and includes:

2) GM 12.5″ rotors,
2) 3/8″ brackets
2) GM calipers
2) caliper pins
1) set high quality semi metallic pads
4) copper washers
2) banjo bolts
2) new wheel seals

The ford kit uses a 1/8″ spacer bracket which is included and goes between the bracket and spindle. The Chevy kit bracket mounts outside the spindle like the original factory design.

The calipers are 1986 Chevy 3/4 ton 4×4 front JB6 calipers. The pads I ship are a very high quality and should do very well on the street or on the trail. The rotors are stock from 1986 Chevy 3/4 ton K20 4×4.

The price is now $295 shipped without hoses

Need brackets only? $100 shipped

Need hoses? Braided stainless hoses 18″ long are only $60 more for two.

PRICE: $ 295.00 without hoses

Additional information

Weight20 lbs